BEMONOC Pack of 2Pcs GT2 Timing Rubber Belt L=500mm W=6mm 250 Teeth in Closed Loop for 3D Printer Parts

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Price: $28.88 - $14.88

2GT Timing Belt 500-2GT-6-2P Specs:

Type: 500-2GT-6
2GT Pitch: 2mm
Belt Height: 1.52mm
Tooth Height: 0.76mm
Material: Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core
Pitch Length: 500mm
Width: 6mm
Teeth Number: 250
Shape: Closed Loop

The Package Listing Includes as Follow:
Quantity: 2pcs 2GT Timing belt 500-2GT-6

Note: If you need other specifications, please contact us, thank you!Circular arc Tooth Profile Tooth Space is Small, Suitable for Straight Line Driving.
2GT System is an Extension of The HTD System With Greater Load Carrying Capacity.
Breaking Strength: 86 N per 1 mm (62 lbs. per 1/8″) Belt Width.
Working Tension: 111 N for 25.4 mm Belt (25 lbs. for 1″belt).
Temperature Range: -34°C to +85°C (-30°F to +185°F)