ApplyLabWork PT-F001MT Formlabs Appropriate 3D Resin, Prototype Engineering Sequence, Flex, SLA UV Printing Materials, 1 Liter, Metallic



Worth: $119.99

Uniquely formulated to ship excellent elongation property for particular engineering requirement. It will probably face up to heavy compression and repetitive bending. Voc free resin.Calibrated on Formlabs’ Form2 (Open Mode) and Form1+, VAT pleasant (extensively examined)
Tensile power (2-3mpa), excellent elongation (105-120 p.c )
Excessive compressibility, fast return to authentic kind, excessive tear resistance
Easy end print floor (zero.10.5Mm layer thickness), correct and versatile print
Fast Setup in PreForm: Printer Mannequin choose: Form1+ or Form2 / Materials choose: Versatile & V1