ApplyLabWork MD-P002OG Formlabs Compatible 3D Resin, Design Concept Series, Modeling Plus SLA UV Printing Material, 1 Liter, Olive Gray



Price: $89.99

Uniquely formulated to deliver higher bend-ability and impact resistance property. High resolution, high impact strength and solid material performance for designers and Engineers of all types to perfect their designs & concepts. Voc free resin.Calibrated on Formlabs’ Form2 (Open Mode) and Form1+, VAT friendly (extensively tested)
Strong tensile strength (38-40mpa) with superb elongation (25-35 percent )
It is 30 percent + more impact resistance than modeling resin
Capture the finest details of your print (0.10.05Mm layer thickness), smooth finish surface, accurate and robust
Quick Setup in PreForm: Printer Model select: Form1+ or Form2 / Material select: Tough & V1