ANYCUBIC LCD UV 405nm Fast Resin for Photon 3D Printer-500ml/ 500g-Inexperienced

5,000.00$ 2,999.00$


Value: $50.00 - $29.99

Be aware:Two sorts of bottles with similar 500g resin will probably be ship randomly.
Parameter data:
Measurement: ~500g/500ml
Shade: Black,White,Gray,Yellow,Inexperienced
Principal materiaal: resin monomer , photoinitiator
Publicity parameters: Backside publicity time(s) 20-60s, regular publicity time(s) 5-15s
Guarantee: 12 months

Resin parameters:
Solidify wavelength: 405nm
Hardness (D):
Viscosity (25C): mpa.s
Liquid density: 1.100 g / cm3
Strong density: 1.184 g / cm3
Flexural energy: 23.four Mpa
Tensile energy: 23.four Mpa
Elongation frequency: 14.2 %


1. Storage
1) Steer clear of mild and sealed at room temperature. (Sunshine incorporates a certain quantity of UV mild which might solidify photosensitive resin. Contained in the machine, the ANYCUBIC resins wouldn’t be affected for over 48 hours if it’s not UV mild)
2) It is suggested to retailer the resin below 15C -35C in a sealed container.
Keep away from any dusty or moist surroundings.

1) Shake properly earlier than use. Keep away from any direct daylight throughout utilization.
2) Don’t put within the mouth. Maintain it away from the kids.
three) Put on gloves earlier than use to keep away from direct contact with the pores and skin and preserve the room ventilated.
four) For accidently contact, please wash by loads of water instantly. Search medical recommendation if crucial.
5) Completed fashions are required to scrub by high-concentration alcohol (>95%) about 30 seconds and submit treatment course of could also be wanted for larger hardness.
6) Please filter the residual resin in vat again to the container if it will not be used over 48 hours. Polluted residual resin would trigger printing points.

three. DLP printer how to decide on corresponding UV resin.
Earlier than select the ANYCUBIC resins on your personal 3D printer, please affirm that the UV wavelength of your 3D printer is 405nm. We could not answerable for any damages brought on by incorSpecifically designed for LED mild supply to realize higher printing high quality.
Fast prototyping. The resin has been developed to cut back the forming time.
Sturdy adhesion. The adhesion has been improved for larger print success fee.
Applicable toughness. ANYCUBIC UV resins have good mixture of hardness and toughness, which brings straightforward elimination of the mannequin and superb printing particulars.
Nice stability. After cured, ANYCUBIC UV resins present good stability in moist and corrosive surroundings