Anet A6 3D Printer Kit – Upgraded Prusa i3 Variant



Price: $265.00

The Anet A6 is yet another iteration of the Prusa i3. It boasts various improvements in printer structure and function for little difference in cost.

The A6 retains the Anet A8’s large print area and NEMA 17 stepper motors. The MK3 hotbed and extruder are also shared with the Anet A8. The majority of the similarities end there. The A6 comes equipped with a sturdier frame and axes to ensure durability several years down the line. The larger screen with a rotating knob makes navigating the menus a breeze. A slight improvement in print size is also helpful for bigger projects.

The printer was designed with the user in mind. Part placement is intuitive and straightforward, and the board comes pre-labelled with all you’ll need to know. The firmware provides an interface that is easy to navigate. As always, this printer can be controlled using Repetier-Host or independently using a GCODE file and a micro-USB card.

Technical Specifications

Frame Material: Acrylic
XY Axis Accuracy: 0.012mm
Z Axis Accuracy: 0.004mm
# Extruders: 1
Extruder Diameter: 0.4mm
Max Print Speed: 100mm/s
Max Print Size: 220x220x250mm
Nozzle Temp.: Adjustable, Maximum 250C
Hot Bed Temperature: Adjustable, Maximum 100C
Heating Plate Material: Aluminum
Printable Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood Poly, PVA, Nylon
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Data Input: microSD or USBThe Anet A6 is an improved model of the Anet A8
Major improvements in the frame and user interface of the printer
Well renowned brand with after-sale warranties
Comes unassembled with video instructions
As with the A8, the A6 is built intuitively with a hassle-free user interface