Anet 3D Printer Parts, 12V 40W 620 1M Ceramic Cartridge Heater and 3950 100K NTC Thermistor for 3D Printer (Pack of 4pcs)



Price: $9.48

Features of heating tube:
Cartridge heater widely applied for 3D printer, model heating, hot-box & other heating devices.
Voltage: 12V, power: 40W.
Stainless steel material.
The wire length approx. 1 meter.
The stainless steel part, 6mm diameter, 20mm in length.

Specifications of heating tube:
Suitable for: A2/A3/A6/A8 3D Printer etc.
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 12V
Power: 40W
Wire Length: Approx. 1m / 39.4in
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 20mm
Quantity: 2pcs

Features of thermistor:
NTC pre-wired thermistor for most 3D printers heat bed & extruder.
100K ohm temperature sensor.
3P terminal for connecting.
With 1m long high temperature insulated wire.
Durable material for long life.

Specifications of thermistor:
Suitable for: Anet A2/ A3/ A6/ A8/ E10/ E12 3D Printer.
Material: High Temperature Teflon(200°C)
Working Temperature Range: -40°C~+300°C
Resistance: at 25°C=100K ohm
Cable Length: Approx. 1m
Quantity: 2pcs
Package List:
2 * cartridge heater
2 * thermistor
The item only includes the cartridge heater and thermistor.

Thermistor: Working Temperature Range: -40°C~+300°C;
Resistance: at 25°C=100K ohm;
Conviniently pre-wired with 1 meter long high temperature teflon insulated wiring;
Cartridge Heater: Material: Stainless Steel; Voltage: 12V; Power: 40W;
Use for 3D Printer;