AMX3d 3D Printer Calibration Tool Kit – Large LCD Electronic Caliper for Accurately Calibrating 3D Printing – Portable Kit Includes Hard Plastic Case, Mini Levels, LED Flashlight and Storage Pouch



Price: $24.99

3D Printer Calibration Tool Kit

Get the most out of your 3D Printer with this portable Calibration Tool Kit. Initial calibration when new and periodic fine tuning ensures you maintain the best print quality possible when printing your models, and sculptures, ensuring the designs you draw out in pen and pencil turn into effective and accurate 3 dimensional objects.This comprehensive calibration tool kit is perfect for storing next to your 3D printer, for quickly fine tuning printing as needed. Easy to use, the calibration kit contains everything you will need for fast and efficient print calibration in one convenient, portable case.

AMX3d’s large LCD electronic caliper has been designed to verify 3D printer calibration and can also be used to confirm filament material size. The high quality calibration tool has a finely polished stainless steel frame with knurled thumb roller and locking screw to ensure smooth sliding and accurate positioning when in use. Precise and accurate, the caliper has a measurement range of 0 – 6″/ 0 – 150mm, resolution of 0.0005″ / 0.01mm and accuracy of 0.001″ / 0.02mm. The versatile calibration caliper tool can measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe, and the extra large LCD screen is easy and clear to read.

The Calibration Tool Kit also includes 2 mini bubble levels which fit easily in all the limited access areas of your 3D printer. These levelling tools can be used alone or together at right angles to measure 2D levels all at once. A bright, LED flashlight is also supplied.

The caliper is supplied in a tough and durable hard case, and the 3D Printer Calibration Tool Kit also features a convenient soft pouch for portable storage.

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Great projects start with the best tools and components. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results (just like the ones in your imagination!), AMX3d only sell the highCALIBRATION KIT: Get the most out of your 3D Printer. Initial calibration when new and periodic fine tuning makes a HUGE difference in printing results and quality.
EASY TO USE: 3D printer calibration is easy with the right tools – store this complete calibration kit next to your 3D printer so it’s ready whenever your printing needs a quick fine tune.
ELECTRONIC CALIPER: Precise and accurate to 0.02mm, the stainless steel 3D printer calibration tool features a large, easy to read LCD screen and can be used to verify filament size.
MINI LEVELS: The portable calibration tool kit also includes 2 mini bubble levels designed to fit in small spaces inside the 3D printer to measure 1 or 2D levels.
LED FLASHLIGHT: The tool kit also includes a bright LED flashlight to improve visibility during print calibration, clearly lighting up the inside of your 3D printer.