AMOLEN 3D Printer Filament, Temperature Color Change PLA Filament 1.75mm +/- 0.03 mm, 200G/0.44lb, Pink to White, includes Sample Temp Color Change Blue to White – 100% USA




Thermochrome filament is a typical PLA filament with additive that makes it change color depending on the temperature. Under 33ºC it is one color and above that it becomes another color.HIGH COMPATIBILITY – Perfectly compatible with most of the FDM 3D Printer, 1.75mm filament consistent diameter, dimensional accuracy +/- 0.03mm
SMOOTHLY PRINT- Orderly wrapped, melt well, feed smoothly and constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder
TEMPERATURE CHANGING COLOR – Under 33°C it looks red and above that it starts getting white
PREMIUM MATERIAL – Raw materials are from USA, eco-friendly with good performance
HIGH PERFORMANCE – Good shaping, no bubble, no jamming, no warping