Adventures in 3D Printing: Limitless Possibilities and Profit Using 3D Printers (3D Printing for Entrepreneurs)


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Following the success of "3D Printing – The Next Technology Goldrush", this new book, "Adventures in 3D Printing" is packed full from cover to cover with completely new content on a subject that is developing at a very rapid rate indeed.
Section one focuses specifically on the practicalities of turning a 3D printer into a money-making machine and is filled with tips and tricks that have been learned the hard way. Section two discusses a wide selection of related developments that will be interesting to anybody with a fascination for 3D printing and its related industries.
The goal of the book is to inspire readers so that they are "overflowing with new product ideas, and ready to go and start printing ingenious objects straight away." The result is an easy to read investigation of imagination, invention, and investment, all key areas in an industry that is clearly destined for great advances in the very near future.