40mmx40mmx10mm Black Radiator Aluminum Heatsink Extruded Profile Heat Dissipation Electronic,3D Printer Part (Pack of 4)



Price: $6.99

Product description
Widely use for computer PC chipset, power IC, power electric device, LED light devices, Use heatsink adhesive glue to install heatsink .(Glue is included) Notice: Please check the specification carefully and make sure that the size of the heatsink fits that of your component.

Product Name : 40x40x10mm Heatsink
Material : Aluminium
Color :Black
Overall Size : 40 x 40 x 11mm/ 1.57″ x 1.57″ x 0.43″ (L*W*H)
Thickness of floor: 2.2MM
Tooth thickness: 1.1MM
Teeth spacing: 2MM
Number of teeth: 13 pieces

Packing List
4pcs Heatsink with 3mm adhesive glue(which stick with heatsink)Heatsink Made of high quality Aluminum, good thermal conductivity
Extend those component reliable and Service’s life
Easy to installation
Maximize surface area Designed in contact with the cooling air
Used for IC ,Diode,Dynatron ,Electronic ,LED,RAM,CHIP, computer 3D printer part (for example Setpper motor) component heat dissipation, or anywhere you need a efficient heatsink