3M 2090 Long-Mask Masking Tape [Pack of 100] – 7.25 in. (W) x 12 in. (L) 3D Printer Sheets – Masking Tape Strip for Medium Adhesion



Price: $48.65

3M 2090 Long-Mask Masking Tape is the preferred choice of DIY and professional painters, often used for sealing surfaces around the area marked for painting. This medium adhesion painter’s tape provides good adhesion even across rougher, hard surfaces. It can be used for masking freshly prepared walls. This masking tape for painters offers easy, clean removal. The blue tape finds common usage in outdoor and indoor painting projects. The wall preparation tape can be used for sealing-off doorframes or window frames too. Trust Masking Tape to provide impressive protection against damage caused by paint-bleeding. It helps to create sharper paint lines. The common choice of jobsite contractors and those working on projectsPainters Tape: blue masking tape is ideal for professional and DIY painters who want sharp paint lines without smudging. This painter’s tape ensures there is no damage caused to the surrounding surfaces. It ensures more precision in painting jobs
Easy Application: this medium adhesion tape allows quick application on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. It can be used across plain and curved surfaces. Material compliance is rather good and the tape can be used on wood, glass, walls, and metals
Utility Range: you can use it on 3D printer build plates for comprehensive surface protection. Typical applications include protecting doorframes and window frames apart from trims
Features: wall masking tape ensures impressive protection even when exposed to direct sunlight, becoming perfect for areas exposed to the weather. Crepe tape protects surfaces around the painted areas against paint bleed
Specifications: crepe paper backing tape is 7.25 in. wide and 12 in. long. Use it for masking painted walls or aged, rougher surfaces that need comprehensive sealing with an easy-removal tape