3D Printing Tweezers – Cleaning Tool for 3D Printers – Filament Removal and Nozzle Cleaner Accessories



Price: $9.99

3D Printing Tweezer Tool

These 5″ long, comfort grip 3D printing clean up tweezers are the perfect printer accessories for removing excess plastic from 3D prints for a cleaner finish, and for cleaning up the printer nozzle and removing hot, oozing filament before and after printing, keeping your fingers well out of the way.

Made from stainless steel for strength and durability, the convenient printing tool is 5″ long and coated for comfort and ease of use. With fine ends that come to a precision point, the tweezers grip even small printing imperfections and, when necessary, dig into the print’s support structure in hard to reach places.

Strong, durable and versatile, tweezers are essential tools in any 3D printing cleaning accessories kit, and this high quality tool is perfect for beginners, experts or as a practical gift for anyone with a 3D printer.

AMX3d 3D Printing Tools

Great 3D prints start with the best tools. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results (just like the ones on the 3D printer box!), AMX3d only sell the highest quality 3D print accessories and toolkits, so you won’t be disappointed.

CLEAN UP TOOL: Add the versatile tweezers to your 3D printing accessories kit for efficient support material removal, producing cleaner prints.
NOZZLE CLEANING: Prevent burnt fingers when cleaning the printer nozzle and removing hot, oozing filament.
STAINLESS STEEL:The 5″ long tweezer 3D printing tool is made of strong, high quality coated stainless steel for a comfortable grip.
PRECISION & ACCURACY: The printer tool’s fine steel pointed tips help get under, lift and remove support material in hard to reach places.
AMX3D ACCESSORIES: The best 3D Prints start with the best tools! AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality. If there are any problems with your 3D Printer Tweezersjust let us know!