3D Printing Spray – Odourless Liquid Adhesive – Patented Pump Action Nozzle – Eradicates Overspray – Bonus 101 3D Printing Tips



Price: $19.97

What if you could use a 3D Printing Spray that was specifically designed for 3D Printing?

Use Stickybedz unique platform adhesion spray to produce your best work, without suffering from overspray due to our unique pump action nozzle

Would you ask a Vet to perform your heart surgery?

No I didn’t think so… So why use hairspray to spray your 3D Printing Bed?

Give your prints the respect they deserve and use a Spray made JUST for 3D Printing.

We are a global community of expert 3D Printers… and we are here to save you from Hairspray and it’s wasteful and inefficient overspray.

Stickybedz 3D Printing Spray Will:

✓ Withstand all temperatures of 3D Printing

✓ Give your first layer something to bite onto

✓ Work on glass print beds, heated and non-heated beds

✓ NOT lead to overspray due to our unique, pump action nozzle

✓ LAST longer than any other hairspray you may be using


Q: Is the Spray easy to apply?

A: Yes – simply spray onto your bed, wait to dry and start printing!

Q: Is the 3D Printing Spray heat resistant?

A: Yup – fully tested with perfect performance at the highest possible temperatures

Q: Does the Spray come in a single can?

A: Yes!

Q: How much liquid is in the can?

A: 350ml

Q: When should I use it?

A: For all your 3D Prints 😉

Q: What is Stickybedz?

Stickybedz is a global community of Expert 3D Printers. From L.A. to London to Sydney. Each Stickybedz Engineer is producing high quality prints each and everyday. When you jump in and join Team Stickybedz, your life changes, people start treating you differently. Your peer group sees you as the serious Printer that you are 😉 We treat 3D Printing with the respect it deserves.NO ODOUR – Completely Odourless Liquid Adhesive (Safe Around Kids)
NOT HAIR SPRAY – Specially Formulated For 3D Printing
PATENTED – Unique Pump Action Nozzle Eliminates “Over Spray”
UNIVERSAL – Ideal For Heated & Non Heated Glass Printer Beds
EASY TO REMOVE – Simple To Remove From Your Print After Printing