3D Printing Problems: How To Diagnose And Fix 3D Printing Issues: 3D Printing
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3D Printing Problems: How To Diagnose And Fix 3D Printing Issues: 3D Printing



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3D printers are complex machines. They can be used to create incredible printed models and prototypes.
Running into infuriating moments when using the machine is surprisingly common. There might be times when the machine may simply refuse to print properly even when you think all the settings are right. Don’t worry, this 3D Printing Failures Book will help you keep your machine running smoothly at all times

The failures and topics that are discussed in great detail by chapter are:

* Bed Adhesion * Build Plate Not Heating * Build Plate Not Reading Correct Temperature * Built-Up Material in Nozzle * Electrical Safety* Elephant Foot* Extruder Stepper Skipping* Filament Snapping* Gaps in Walls * Ghosting* Hotend Can’t Reach or Maintain Temperature * Hotend Not Heating * Hotend Not Reading Correct Temperature * Important Accessories and Replacements* Layer Shifts * LCD Blank or Dark * Mandatory Maintenance* Materials and their Settings* Material Science* Missing Layers* Model Errors * Not Finding Home * Nozzle Clogs * Over Extrusion * Parts Being Knocked Over* Parts Not Mating Together * Poor Layer Adhesion* Print Pauses Mid Print* Quality Options * Running Out of Filament * Settings Issues * Speed Limitations* Stepper Motors Overheating or Malfunctioning* Stripped Filament * Unlevelled Build Plate * Warping * Z-Axis Wobble * Z-Height Calibration*
And much more!