3D Printing Build Surface Platform, FYSETC 7.8″x 7.8″/ 200×200 mm 3D Printer Heated Bed Sheet Protect Plate for Prusa i3 Tarantula Maker Select Plus Ultimate Printer- 3 Pcs, Black



Price: $12.99

The Printing Build Surface Sheet design for Prusa i3, FDM 3D printers Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus, Zortrax M200, Vinci 1.0, TEVO Tarantula I3, CTC and other more, you also can cut to the size which you want with scissors.


  • Sticker Size: 200mm x 200mm (7.8 x 7.8 inch);
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm;
  • Weight: 163g(0.36 lb);
  • Short-term Temperature Support: 120°C ~149°C/ 248°F~300.2°F;
  • Long-term Temperature Support : 90°C ~ 93°C/ 194°F~199.42°F;

    Comes with a usable washable glue stick

  • Weight: 21g
  • Size: 24*98mm
  • How to use the glue stick: before printing, you can apply some glue on the build surface, it is convenient to remove the model when printing is completed.

    Package included:

  • 3 x Printing build surface;
  • Gift-1xWashable Glue Stick;

    Please Kindly Note:

  • This is self adhesive, and works great on heated beds, before peel and stick, we suggest cleaning the surface of the bed with rubbing alcohol first to make sure there is no oils, loose dirt, glue from tape, etc. that could cause a bubble under the surface ;
  • Still hot after powered off;
  • Before touching power off the heat bed and wait at least 10 minutes;
  • Keep away from children.
    Best 3M background, more adhesion than other surface, help the filament stick during printing, while also enabling clean removal easily of the printed part afterward.
    Compatible with PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET+, wood, and other flexible (TPE) filaments;
    Durable and Reuse: just wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and can use again, the film thickness is 0.8mm, whether you use a blade or a variety of tools, the film will not be punctured during normal use, effectively protecting the printing platform;
    Useful Glue Stick: It is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address “the first layer not sticking problem” Perfecting the first layer is vital to get a great foundation for rest of the print. In addition, it also helps to combat 3D print warping.
    After Sale-Warranty: If you have any problem with the surface, please email us or Q&As, we will be assist you.