3D Printing Build Surface, 8.66″ x 8.66″ (220x220mm) Flexible Magnetic Build Platform for 3D Printer

18.99$ 12.99$


Price: $18.99 - $12.99

Color: blue
Size: 8.66″ x 8.66″ (220x220mm)
Working temperature: can heat less than 80 ℃
1、Heating the platform not higher than 80℃ to make sure the magnetic works
2、Adjust the panel to find a better direction of magnetism
3、Due to the thickness of the sticker, please adjust the height of your Z axis(High temperature of the nozzle will damage the sticker)
Package includes:
1 x Magnetic Build PlatformThe magnetic build platform comes in two parts: Part A top side is a matte surface; Part B with adhesive that can stick on your original bed.
Removing 3D printed parts easy: The magnetic build platform allows you to remove your printed parts in a few seconds from a build plate.
Working Temperature: can heat less than 80 ℃. If not it will affects the stability of the working seriously.
Compatible with PLA, wood, PCL and TPU Flexible filaments (sold separately)
Size: 8.66″ x 8.66″ (220x220mm)