3D Print Removal Accessories– 3 Piece 3D Printing Removal Tool Kit – Tools to Remove Models from 3D Printers



Price: $14.99

3 Piece 3D Print Removal Tool Kit

The AMX3d 3D Print Removal Tool Kit is specifically design to quickly, easily and successfully remove your 3D prints from the print bed, whatever the size of the print, type of adhesive applied or print bed used. The comprehensive set of removal accessories can be used in combination to remove even the largest or most intricate models from the 3D printer with no fuss or damage to either the print or the print bed.

Designed to lift – not pry – your prints, the tool kit contains blades with varying widths, lengths and flex which can be used together to achieve perfect results every time. The tool kit includes:

  • Ultra Thin Removal Tool: This flexible tool has a super thin 0.3mm edge which slips easily under the print, and is ideal for breaking the initial seal between the 3D print and the print bed. For small prints, this may be the only tool you need!
  • Medium Removal Bar: With a slightly thicker lifting blade (0.5 mm) this tool is still flexible. Once the seal has been broken under one corner of the print, this tool slides in to break the remaining seal.
  • Large Removal Bar: This tool has a 17 CM (6.75″) lifting blade, and is the strongest of the 3 with 0.7mm thickness at the edge. The tool is large enough to reach across almost any 3D print – perfect for large or delicate models.

The high quality removal tools have finished wood handles with strong pins holding the blade to the handle, ensuring your 3D print removal accessories will both work and last!

AMX3d 3D Printing Tools

Great 3D prints start with the best tools. Providing everything you need for truly spectacular results (just like the ones on the 3D printer box!), AMX3d only sell the highest quality 3D print accessories and toolkits, so you won’t be disappointed

EASY REMOVAL: Our tool kit ensures that you can easily lift – not pry – your models from the 3D printer print bed every time.
NO DAMAGE: The accessories allow fast and efficient removal of your 3D prints without damaging either the model or the print bed.
3 PIECE KIT: The 3D printing tools are designed to be used either separately or together to gently lift your prints, however small, large or delicate.
TOUGH & DURABLE: The high quality wooden handles are pinned to the blade to keep them firmly in position, for reliable results however tough your 3D print removal!
AMX3D ACCESSORIES: The best 3D Prints start with the best tools! AMX3d provides 3D printing supplies of the highest quality. If there are any problems with your Removal Tool Kit just let us know!


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