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Nexa3D announces 3 new dental resins and 2 new dental distributors for the XiP 3D printer

Nexa3D announces 3 new dental resins and 2 new dental distributors for the XiP 3D printer

Nexa3D presented three Pac-Dent Inc. resins to its XiP 3D printing offering and announces at the same time CAD Ray And Harris Discount Dental Supply as new resellers for the desktop platform.

The two resellers will help distribute Nexa3D’s 3D printing solutions throughout the North American dental market, with the three new resins opening new surgical and restorative applications for dental laboratories and practices.

In collaboration with Pac-Dent, Nexa3D has added the materials Rodin Denture Base 2.0, Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0 and Rodin Splint 2.0 to its portfolio. The Rodin Denture Base 2.0 is a Class II biocompatible material that features flexibility, stability and a wide range of gum colors, ensuring users can create customized solutions that can withstand high impact forces. Designed for full arch and quadrant guides, Pac-Dent’s Rodin Surgical Guide 2.0 material provides “maximum” fracture strength and dimensional stability, as well as distinctive coloring to facilitate easy verification of implant positioning. The Rodin Splint 2.0 material, on the other hand, is said to be characterized by excellent stability, strength and wear resistance for 3D printed splints, night splints, retainers and snoring devices.

“We are pleased to announce Nexa3D as our newest validated printer partner at Pac-Dent,” commented Ryan Solozano, product manager at Pack-Dent. “The XiP printer has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in effectively printing Rodin resins, cementing its position as a standout asset in our portfolio.”

“We are excited to add Nexa3D’s ultra-fast XiP 3D printer to our portfolio,” added Wayne Glassoff, vice president of 3D printing at CAD-Ray. “The accuracy, speed and productivity of this printer combined with CAD-Ray’s extensive industry expertise and exceptional customer support make for a powerful combination.”