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Debut of the Creality K1C 3D printer

Debut of the Creality K1C 3D printer

Creality is expanding its K1 series 3D printer family with the K1C, which upgrades the K1 with an extrusion system, better filament compatibility, an AI camera, an air filter and more.

Optimized print head for carbon fiber printing

K1C has a clog-free extruder kit. Reinforced by a support spring and a ball piston, the extruder ensures a firm hold of the filament. In addition, the integrated “Unicorn” nozzle with heat protection prevents heat from creeping in and can be easily replaced with one hand. The nozzle is made of hardened steel. Therefore, it can process carbon fiber filled filaments such as PLA-CF and PETG-CF.

K1C expands the cooling system of K1. The printhead hotend and parts cooling fans are now dynamically balanced so they are less likely to wobble, minimizing ringing or ghosting.

K1C is pre-assembled for plug and play. The startup instructions work as if you were turning on a new smartphone. Auto calibration takes care of leveling and everything else. To enable more users to harness the power of artificial intelligence, the K1C comes standard with an AI camera that monitors pressure and actively alerts you if an error occurs. It is also great for real-time monitoring and time-lapse photography.

If you want silence with the K1C, simply switch to quiet mode, where the noise is less than 45 dB, just as loud as turning the pages of a book. The built-in activated carbon filter cleans compounds and particles created from melted filaments.

The printer is also safer thanks to the damper hinge and pre-installed dampening pads.

K1C has optional accessories. K1C’s hardware and software are open source. The Klipper-based Creality OS enables advanced features such as linear progression and allows anyone to customize it. The Creality Print Slicer features intelligent cooling, optimal retraction, slim tree supports, etc. It also allows users to efficiently manage a print farm via LAN. With Creality Cloud you can get a large number of free 3D models and enjoy cloud printing.

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