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Phrozen introduces Arco, an FDM 3D printer

Phrozen introduces Arco, an FDM 3D printer

Phrozen will launch its fused deposition modeling printer on Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2024. After its first appearance at Formnext last year, it caused a stir in the 3D printing community, according to the company.

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Meet Phrozen Arco

The name Arco is inspired by the Italian word for rainbow – Arcobaleno – as the company notes. Positioned as the machine that will change your FDM 3D printing game, this printer offers up to 16-color printing via its automatic material system. The final name Arco also translates to “bow,” embodying its ability to advance your 3D prints with the speed and precision of a bow in the hand of a skilled archer, the company adds.

Arcos features

Just like its range of resin printers, Arco is packed with features and innovations that are fresh to the market, in addition to all the premium features expected from an FDM 3D printer in its class.

With Arco’s huge print volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm3, printing larger models or printing parts at the same time has become more convenient.

Multicolor print

By connecting Chroma Kit AMS systems with Arco, the self-developed FDM slicing software PIXUP Slicer, you get the ability to print models with different color parts.

Hyperspeed acceleration

Using two 18mm gears and an HGX extruder with a torque ratio of 9.5, Arco was able to achieve acceleration of up to 30,000 mm/s2. In addition, the printing speed averages 600 mm/s.

Cooling system

Arco’s ultra-close cooling system design significantly reduces the distance between the gears and the heat source. It ensures consistent and consistent extrusion performance across different materials, including flexible materials such as TPU.

Improved structure, higher stability

Inspired by the design of a supercar to optimize speed, Arco’s structural design shifts the weight to the bottom of the printer, creating a low-gravity base to increase stability. To further improve the structure, it is also equipped with four thickened aluminum stands, which ensure stable core XY structure and minimal shaking when printing.

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