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Phrozen the Arco Launch!!  and the Mega 8ks

Phrozen announces its first large-volume FDM 3D printer with a maximum speed of a whopping 600 mm/s – Yanko Design

The Phrozen Arco rivals other leading FDM 3D printing brands and features a maximum print volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm³, an acceleration of 30,000 mm/s² and a maximum speed of 600 mm/s. Sure, that sounds like a lot of numbers, but it can be translated into three simple words: Bigger printouts, faster. Unlike its other competitors, it also has a Chroma kit that provides users with multifilament printing capabilities that allow them to print in vibrant colors.

Designer: Phrozen Arco Team

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Phrozen recently announced its first-ever FDM printer, the Arco, which will launch on Kickstarter later this month. Phrozen has built a strong reputation for selling some of the best resin printers and hopes Arco will set the gold standard for extrusion-based printing, which seems to be catching on as more users/creators/businesses begin to incorporate 3D printing into their workflow to integrate .

Phrozen Arco offers up to 16 colors for your creations with its Chroma Kit (multicolor AMS). No coating required – now you can print vibrant, colorful models with ease.

On paper, the Arco is in the top group of consumer 3D printers due to its technical data. Thanks to the huge build volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm³, you can print large format models without necessarily having to break them down into smaller, more manageable parts. However, larger models are known to take more time to print, but the 30,000 mm/s² acceleration and 600 mm/s maximum print speed make the Arco a worthy candidate for the title of one of the fastest consumer 3D printers on the market. The Arco is also based on Klipper’s 3D printing firmware (further third-party collaborations are planned), allowing it to benefit from its open source nature and improve over time through OTA updates.

Print multiple sets or larger models at the same time – let your imagination run wild with the largest volume color 3D printer.

The speed factor is not just a matter of revving the motors on the To achieve this, the Arco features two 18mm extruder gears and an HGX extruder with a 9.5:1 reduction ratio, as well as a patented direct extrusion path that Distance between the extrusion gears and the heat source that melts the filaments is reduced. Combined with Arco’s patented cooling systems, you can print perfectly with difficult materials like TPU or achieve ultra-fast prints with traditional filaments like PLA. The external part of the printer is also reinforced and features a stationary bed supported by four thickened stands that reduce vibrations that lead to the infamous “layer lines” during high-speed printing.

Phrozen also allows users to add a Chroma Kit to their Arco. While traditional printers only have a single spool setup, Chroma Kit (Phrozen’s self-developed automatic material system) allows you to mount multiple filament spools and currently supports 4-color 3D printing, which can be upgraded to 16-color printing in the future additional Chroma kits following upcoming OTA updates. Acting as a dry storage unit for your additional filaments, the Chroma Kit relies on a series of motors and sensors to automatically swap out old filaments and introduce new ones as you print.

All of this is housed in what Phrozen describes as a robust, reinforced external structure that ensures minimal tolerances for better quality results. Each Arco also includes a Pentashield – made up of acrylic and metal panels – that encloses your printer in a protective casing, reducing noise and maintaining optimal printing temperatures. PIXUP, Phrozen’s own slicing software, also helps load and prepare models for printing. The dedicated model library makes it easy to select (or even sell) print-ready models, creating a community that will truly help make 3D printing stand out from all other manufacturing industries!

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