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Collect donations for a 3D printer

Collect donations for a 3D printer

At a time when technology is changing our world, Cambria County Library is taking a leap forward. The library has launched a fundraising campaign called “Leap Into Action” with the goal of raising $2,900 for a desktop 3D printer and its accessories.

A leap towards technological progress

The recently launched campaign aims to secure 100 donations valued at $29 before Leap Day on February 29, 2024. This initiative is not just about fundraising; It’s about bringing new technologies to the community and expanding the library’s programming and services.

The incentive: A chance to win a zippered cotton library tote bag

Each donor’s name will be placed on a lily pad indicating the campaign’s progress. But there is more! Donors who give $29 or more will have a chance to win a cotton zippered library tote bag. It’s a small token of the library’s appreciation for supporting this important cause.

How you can be part of this leap

Donations can be made at the circulation desk or online. Every contribution counts and your support can help the library take this leap into the future of technology.

As we stand on the edge of technological advancement, Cambria County Library invites everyone to be a part of this exciting journey. With your help, they can make the most of this leap year and create opportunities for the community to engage with cutting-edge technology.

Essentially, The Leap Into Action campaign is about empowering communities through access to technology. It’s about promoting innovation, creativity and learning. By supporting this campaign, you’re not just donating money; You are investing in the future of your community.

So let’s get moving together and help Cambria County Library make this vision a reality.