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Spark SP1

Get a 3D printer for just £99 with this Black Friday deal

I know what you’re thinking: What’s the use of a 3D printer? What can you print sensibly so that it doesn’t end up as unwanted decoration somewhere in your home? There’s actually a lot, especially if you’re willing to invest some time into learning how to design objects rather than just downloading models that other people have made.

But while most 3D printers are too expensive for a bit of fun, this top Black Friday deal is so affordable that you can buy one for your kids (or yourself, of course) for exactly this reason.

Box.co.uk has reduced the Spark 3D SP1 from £229 to £129.99. It was just £99.99 on Sunday November 19th, but if you missed out, here’s another chance to get it for its lowest price ever.

Simply enter our exclusive code TA30 Pay less than £100 at checkout. The code is valid until November 27th at midnight.

Get a Spark 3D SP1 for £99.99

The SP1 isn’t just a cheap 3D printer: it’s actually very decent. Unlike many very cheap 3D printers, the SP1 has all the features that will make your first 3D printing experience easier, such as: B. automatic bed leveling, a magnetic and flexible build plate (which ensures that prints stick but are also easy to remove after printing). and a 4.3-inch color screen.

The bed is also heated, which helps prints stick better, and an overflow sensor ensures that the printer automatically stops when all of the filament has been used up.

Spark 3D

The Spark 3D SP1 can print objects up to 220 x 220 x 250 mm. However, if you need to print larger parts, you can split them up and glue the smaller parts together with superglue.

3D printers don’t come with much filament – if any – so if you decide to buy, remember to order at least one spool: The SP1 uses the standard 1.75mm filament, which comes in a wide range of colors available. A good selection is available from Box.co.uk, but it’s good to know that the SP1 can take generic filaments that you can buy anywhere.

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