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Sketch in the air with the Scribble 3D Pen: Available on Kickstarter for just $49 early bird -

Sketch in the air with the Scribble 3D Pen: Available on Kickstarter for just $49 early bird –

UntitledWhat do your doodles say about you? Are you the harmonious type who likes to draw soft shapes and cheerful sketches, or are you more down-to-earth and analytical with sharp lines, boxes and architecture? We’ve always heard that your loose drawings, like your handwriting, give clues to your personality. So what would all those psychoanalysts say if they found out that you had a penchant for drawing in the air? The Scribble 3D Pen team would simply say that you are an artist, designer or 3D printing enthusiast who is full of new ideas and has a penchant for trying out new technologies.

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Austin Kelly, co-founder and chief technical officer of Scribble 3D

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Scribble 3D Pen is unique in its ability to offer high resolution in a small and portable package, as well as an excellent price point. Hoping to raise $5,000 by April 16, the team is offering those who support the campaign the opportunity to order their own 3D printing pens for just $49 with the early bird offer. With this special prize, supporters receive:

  • A Scribble 3D printing pen
  • Two packs of 25 strands of PLA plastic
  • Three scribble PDF projects
  • A mention in the Hall of Fame

The regular early bird price is $75 and you get more supplies in this package; As prices rise, the volume of pens and materials grows. There is a limit of one per supporter. And while the Scribble 3D Pen is a cool idea for yourself or as a gift, it is also a fantastic item to order at a discounted price for any educational institution. Offering similar functionality to a 3D printer, the Scribble is a smart tool suitable for all ages.

“This exceptionally simple tool lets you create anything using your own imagination,” say the creators on Kickstarter.

8bc58e4a-00dd-40dd-a057-7a7de4a11883According to the team, the Scribble features a unique LED screen and a much more compact design compared to other 3D printing pens. It fits comfortably in the hand and allows you to create almost any shape imaginable. If you’re working on a design prototype, this pen might be just the inspiration and variety you need. Say goodbye to traditional pen and paper for a while – and take your art into the air. You’ll find that you can draw and sketch bigger, better and much smarter, with the ability to create amazingly accurate pieces, from figures to structures, but also loops and curved shapes.

“You can create prototypes with the Scribble 3D printing pen instead of using computer-aided design programs, which can be complicated, expensive and difficult to modify,” say the developers.

ccb9a653-7ff5-4a9c-a128-0517b34b8fa8Scribble 3D is made up of three founders, all of whom bring tremendous talent and energy to the team. Emily Aguilar is the media relations officer. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, she is known for constantly bringing new ideas and suggestions to the company, according to the rest of her team. Stephanie Daniels is a designer TV presenter with a passion for technology and product design and works with the group to create editions for the Scribble 3D pen. Austin Kelly is the technical director and has a passion for industrial design and the technical aspects of their hardware.

“We all work together as a team and as friends to bring creative and innovative new products to this amazing community,” Austin told

The team sees Scribble 3D as a truly new way for all creative types to enjoy a different and valuable design experience, have fun while creating almost anything in just a few seconds. Kickstarter’s Scribble 3D Pens are expected to ship in May and are available for delivery worldwide. Are you planning to support this campaign? Discuss in the Scribble 3D Printing Pen forum at