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Pokemon fan uses 3D printer to make incredible Mew statue

Pokemon fan uses 3D printer to make incredible Mew statue

A creative Pokémon fan presents an impressive 3D printed statue of the legendary and elusive Mew that he made as a gift for a friend.

A screenshot of Mew floating in a dark cave in the Pokémon anime.


  • An impressive 3D printed Mew statue shows the legendary Pokémon in a sleeping position and emits a mesmerizing blue light.
  • Fans praise the creator’s skill and some share their own ideas for recreating Pokémon.
  • 3D printing has led to various notable Pokémon creations, with the Mew statue being one of the best, making it a perfect Christmas gift for gaming enthusiasts.


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A Pokémon The fan presents an impressive 3D printed statue of the legendary Mew. Mew was first introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue as the 151st and final entry in its Pokedex. Known as the Mythical Pokémon, it is famous for its ability to learn every known attack and ability, regardless of the type required. It played a large role in the lore of the early Pokémon games, even serving as the genetic template for the equally powerful clone of Pokémon Mewtwo.

Mew is just as legendary outside of the Pokémon universe, mostly because of its cute antics and how difficult it is to find without glitches or cheats. Artistic fans have recreated Mew in both its regular and shiny variants over the years, making everything from crocheted Mew plush dolls to more realistic drawings that make the mythical Pokémon look even more like a cat. Others have drawn cute pictures of Mew playing with a little Lapras in a flooded cave, made paper dolls of him and his clone Mewtwo, and even imagined what Mew would look like if he was fused with one of the most unlikely Pokemon like Magikarp .

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A Reddit user named RedBulletRunner recently posted a series of images on the Pokemon subreddit showing a Mew statue they 3D printed for a friend. This Pokémon sculpture features a sleeping Mew curled up in its Pokeball with an ethereal blue light shining above and below. According to RedBulletRunner, the source file for this 3D printed statue was created by a Cults3d user named RINARTPOKE, whose work is recommended for other Reddit users to see for themselves.

These other Reddit users have nice things to say about RedBulletRunner’s 3D printed Mew statue, like how lucky their friend is to receive such an impressive gift. Some have joked that printing RedBulletRunner could lead to the real-life creation of Mewtwo, while others have revealed which Pokemon they would create replicas of if they had a 3D printer. RedBulletRunner also answered some questions about how they were able to get the lights to work wirelessly using LED pucks.

3D printing has led to many impressive results Pokémon Creations including similar statues of other legendary Pokémon such as Rayquaza and Nintendo Switch game cases modeled after the original red and blue Game Boy cartridges of Pokémon. RedBulletRunner’s near-perfect replica of Mew is easily one of those homemade 3D prints and is sure to make a great gaming gift for his friend during the holiday season.

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