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Two Trees unveils speed-focused SK-1 3D printer

Two Bushes unveils speed-focused SK-1 3D printer

Two Trees has announced the upcoming release of the SK-1, a Klipper-based 3D printer that, at first glance, bears many similarities to the Bamboo Lab P1P.

The SK-1 is a CoreXY machine with a build volume of 256 x 256 x 256 mm. According to Two Trees 3D, it has a maximum speed of 700 mm/s (with a recommended speed of 300 mm/s) and an acceleration of 20,000 mm/s, with features such as automatic flow calibration, vibration compensation, ripple optimization and Z-tilt leveling Improving print quality.

On the hardware front, there’s a dual-speed direct drive extruder, a “high temperature” die rated up to 300°C, a double-sided PEI build plate and, also different from the P1P, a wide 4.3 Inch extruder, full color touch screen. The SK-1 can also connect to Wi-Fi for remote printing and print monitoring. Although this isn’t mentioned in the documents we’ve seen, the images also appear to show an Ethernet port.

Renderings of the Two Trees SK-1 3D printer (Source: Two Trees)

Most of these features are comparable – if not identical – to those of the P1P. Besides the display, there’s another big difference: the SK-1 uses ball bearing guide rails for smoother movement, with the ultimate goal of increasing accuracy.

It’s unclear when the first SK-1s will ship, but we expect them to arrive in October, and Two Trees has announced a November launch. We know that the company plans to launch the printer at a price in the range of $500 to $550.

There’s no sign of the SK-1 on Two Tree’s website yet, but we’ll be watching closely for more launch details.

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