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Another type of 3D printer: desktop holograms

One other sort of 3D printer: desktop holograms

Holograms aren’t new, but a desktop machine spitting them out could be available soon, provided LitiHolo’s Kickstarter swings out. The machine has a retail price of $ 1,600 and fits in a two-foot square. It can create 4 × 5 inch holograms with 1 mm hogels (the holo equivalent of a pixel).

The machine enables 23 viewing zones per hogel and can create movable holograms with just a few seconds of movement – like the famous kiss-blowing holograms.

Of course, you also need a special self-developing film and a way to transfer 3D images into the printer, e.g. B. software or a camera that is set up for a 3D scan. At the 4 × 5 size, the film costs about $ 13 per platter, which creates a hologram.

Since 5 inches is 127mm, the Hogel resolution of the result is roughly 101 × 127, and the examples on the website and in the video below certainly don’t look like they are in HD.

Do people pay $ 1,600 for low-resolution holograms? More importantly, is there a market for grainy holograms that can get you back the investment? Maybe not, but that didn’t stop us from buying 3D printers and other workshop toys. And if this catches on, what will be available in ten years?

Of course, if you have the laser equipment you can already make your own holograms. You can even get kits that contain most of what you need.