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The gigantic 3D printer from Trideo has a construction area of ​​one square meter

The large 3D printer from Trideo has a building space of ​​one sq. meter

The Argentine manufacturer Trideo makes a 3D printer so big that it comes on wheels.

The gigantic Big T has a construction area of ​​one square meter and is therefore large enough to print rims, manufacture fixtures, foundry models for the production of sand casting molds from huge parts, sprawling cityscape models, a larger than life bust of Diego Maradona and more.

It would take forever to fill the huge construction area with a conventional nozzle. That is why Trideo developed the Typhoon, a high-flow nozzle designed to extrude 2.85 mm filaments with a flow rate of up to 200 mm³ / s and almost 1 kg / h, “they write.

Here’s a time-lapse of the Big T printing a gigantic castle:

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It’s worth noting that even with the Typhoon nozzle, this thing took ten days to print.

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