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Virtual launch event for an innovative industrial 3D metal printer

Digital launch occasion for an revolutionary industrial 3D metallic printer

Wayland Additive will soon host a virtual launch event for its Calibur3 metal 3D printing system on March 16, 2021.

Wayland Additive is promoting innovation in metal AM for manufacturing applications by establishing its proprietary and innovative NeuBeam process as a focal point for a range of manufacturing applications across a variety of industrial sectors.

NeuBeam is an innovative metal AM process that effectively neutralizes the electron beam (eBeam) powder bed fusion (PBF) process to provide greater flexibility than laser-based AM processes while overcoming the stability issues that many users of traditional eBeam AM systems face to have.

In addition, the NeuBeam process allows the metallurgical requirements to be adapted to the application requirements and not to the previous limitations of the process in order to achieve optimal results.

Will Richardson, CEO of Wayland Additive, said, “Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been busy creating a truly informative and comprehensive virtual launch event for our new metal AM technology. The first machine is now in-house, and we’ve worked with professional videographers and a production team to ensure attendees can learn and see the technology in addition to our live interaction with our virtual audience. ‘inside’ to get a feel for how the Calibur3 works and why this is so important for the industry. The framework of the event will fully explain how the technology works and why over the past 5 years we have researched and developed the Calibur3, which directly overcomes the shortcomings the industry faces in relying on older AM metal technologies . “

NeuBeam is more of a hot part process than a hot bed process. This efficiently creates parts that are free of residual stress as the high temperatures are only applied to the part and not the bed, ensuring a free flowing powder after build (no sinter cake) and stress free parts with reduced energy consumption.

Additionally, the process overcomes many of the limitations of manufacturing large components – no residual thermal stresses, no cross-flow gas, and a greatly simplified powder removal process than existing eBeam systems.

The NeuBeam process can produce fully dense parts from a variety of materials, many of which are incompatible with traditional eBeam or laser PBF processes such as refractory metals and highly reflective alloys. As a result, the NeuBeam process can demonstrate vastly improved metallurgy without making many of the compromises that existing metal AM processes require.

NeuBeam also offers significant advantages over other technologies with integrated real-time in-process monitoring, which enables rapid material development or adjustment of the microstructures by adjusting the hardening during manufacture. With NeuBeam, the process temperature is not restricted by sintering the powder bed, which means that the process temperature can be optimized for the material microstructure and / or the application.

This unprecedented level of in-process surveillance is achieved through a combination of advanced technologies including structured light scanning, electron imaging and high-speed infrared cameras. Each of these different monitoring approaches are calibrated with managed adjustments to the same reference points in the machine to ensure optimal results and outcomes. Since it is a real thermal process, everything in the build chamber can be monitored and it is possible to see the true temperature of the entire powder bed as it is being built. The thermal history of the material to be processed can be seen as well as the topography of the surface, so that defects can be recognized and reported as soon as they occur.

All interested parties can register their interest online on the company’s website.

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Michael Tyrrell

Digital coordinator


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