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Stratasys is expanding the PolyJet family with lower-cost, multi-material 3D printers at the enterprise level

Stratasys is increasing the PolyJet household with lower-cost, multi-material 3D printers on the enterprise degree

Stratasys is once again expanding its PolyJet 3D printer family to make additive manufacturing technology for multiple materials accessible to a wider range of users.

The company today announced the launch of its new J850 Pro, an enterprise-grade, multi-material system designed to provide engineers with a more cost-effective way of functional prototyping and validating product design without the full color capabilities of its sister J850 Prime system.

In a press release Shamir Shoham, Design Vice President of Stratasys said: “We have seen the value of our PolyJet 3D printers to customers – in terms of throughput, accuracy, reliability and multi-material capabilities – and we are excited about the J850 Pro now offers our engineering customers this value at an attractive price. “

With a box of 490 x 390 x 200 mm and the ability to print with up to seven materials at the same time – including transparent VeroClear and VeroUltra Clear, the entire greyscale range of the Vero rigid family, the Agilus30 family and digital ABS materials – Stratasys Laut J850 Pro is well suited for consumer products, electronics, medical device, automotive, and education applications that often require accurate simulation of textures, product labeling and shock absorption in fit and function testing, molding applications, and more.

“The ability to easily create prototypes gives engineering teams great added value at various stages of the development cycle,” said Ofer Libo, product manager for the J850 Pro. “In addition, thanks to its multi-material capabilities and high throughput, the J850 Pro can test different designs, textures and material properties to reduce time-to-market and precisely meet user requirements.”

The leader in 3D printing adds that the new printer promises to be twice as fast as traditional systems thanks to a new super-high-speed mode used in conjunction with DraftGray material for concept models with fast turnaround.

The J850 Pro is available now, complimenting a number of new low-cost PolyJet platforms the company launched last year, including the J826 with full PANTONE color 3D printing capabilities and the J55, the most affordable full-color system to date for small to small scale Companies medium-sized design firms such as the pharma tech company Syqe, which installed the technology back in September.