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Formlabs Fuse1

Formlabs Fuse1 Benchtop SLS 3D Printer Ships Now »3dpbm

With an unobtrusive newsletter mailing and a video update on the company’s website, Formlabs has finally released the Formlabs Fuse1 Benchtop SLS 3D printer for general commercial availability. Originally unveiled in 2017, the system’s launch was delayed by a number of events, including the recent COVD-19 pandemic. Now it seems ready to enter the market for affordable SLS technology on the table which is currently dominated by Sinterit.

The Fuse1 3D printer starts at $ 18,499 and the full setup starts at $ 31,845. It comes with Formlabs PreForm print preparation software (free to download and try) that lets you import STL or OBJ part files, align and arrange models, estimate print times, monitor your printers, and upload job files. PreForm’s part packing algorithms can automatically arrange many models in one build.

An intuitive touch user interface guides the user through each step during setup and printing. The touchscreen displays a live stream of the print bed so the user can watch each new layer take shape. This camera view is also available through PreForm software so users can monitor prints without leaving their desks and keep track of printers, teams and supplies through the cloud-based dashboard.