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5 things to know before starting a 3D printer

5 issues to know earlier than beginning a 3D printer

There is no denying that a start-up for the information age was created.

There is also no doubt that starting a 3D printer makes sense for the modern age of manufacturing.

There are a few important considerations when starting a 3D printing company

It’s easy to start a business with 3D printers because of the need for customization in the world around us. And 3D printers and 3D printing technology are sure to meet this continuing demand.

Among the myriad of benefits 3D printers offer, accessibility is crucial.

3D printing technology differs from other manufacturing technologies in that it is open to anyone who wants to turn their ideas into parts, tools and works of art.

If you, like many others, are looking for a safer domain to start your start-up with, why not think of 3D printers?

We know exactly the questions that you may have before you start your own 3D printing company.

Here are five things you need to know.

1 3D printing material

3D printer filament3D printer filament

One of the most important things you need to have on hand to start 3D printing an object is a 3D printing material. It depends on the type of 3D printing technology your 3D printer is using to make an object. If your printer is based on FDM 3D printing technology, you will need filament as the 3D printing material. If your 3D printer is based on SLA 3D printing technology, you will need a resin.

According to the printer you are going to be using in your startup, you should have a list of 3D printing materials suppliers. Many companies are engaged in the supply of 3D printing materials, both online and offline. As you search, you will find that many 3D printer manufacturers are also in this area. Hence, it is recommended that you shop with a company whose core is the manufacture of 3D printing materials. While the former doesn’t necessarily cost more than the latter, it’s always a good idea to compare the two.

2) A room or warehouse

Do you have a suitable space for your 3D printing business?Do you have a suitable space for your 3D printing business?

You may not need your own room or warehouse as there are desktop 3D printers available in the market. But if you’re trying to be a business owner, when you can manage a separate room or warehouse, why not?

One small downside to dealing with 3D printing technology is the smell of burned plastic. If you can confine this smell to your room or warehouse, the people around you don’t have to worry. There are also open body 3D printers on the market so there is always a risk. Overall, if you can manage a discreet space for your 3D printer, great! It would be a little messy if you can’t, but you can do it.

3) software

Find out which software you need for your 3D printerFind out which software you need for your 3D printer

One of the things that differentiate 3D printing technology from other manufacturing technologies and enable more precise manufacturing is 3D design software. Based on the entered 3D design file, your 3D printer learns what should and should not be printed.

The importance of software is equal to or even greater than that of the 3D printing material.

Before knowing details about the software, there are two aspects you need to know about your 3D printer:

a) What software is your 3D printer compatible with?

b) Can your printer work with open source software?

If the answer to question b) is yes, you can turn to software like Cura, Simplify, etc. If not, you will need to use the software recommended by the printer manufacturer.

4) Replacement of parts for your 3D printer

Keep important spare parts in stockKeep important spare parts in stock

Parts like the build bed, print head, and ribbons should always be on hand. These are the parts that are in your 3D printer no matter what type you want to start your business with. If it is an FDM 3D printer, you should have a basic understanding of the extruder and nozzle system. And the knowledge you need depends on the type of 3D printing technology your printer is based on.

It is recommended that at least the main parts are replaced so that the process is not affected if these parts are damaged at any point during the 3D printing process.

5) List of 3D printing service providers you can outsource to

You can outsource jobs when your workload is busyYou can outsource jobs when your workload is busy

Preparing this list would be helpful when the workload is heavy.

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, 3D printing technology is preferred because of its accessibility. Hence, it is important to understand how exactly 3D printing technology is accessible.

There are online 3D printing service providers in the market that will deliver a 3D printed part to your doorstep. All you need to do is provide them with a 3D design file of the object you want to print.

In addition to keeping a list of 3D printing service providers, you should also keep in touch with them regularly. That way, you can always outsource when the workload on your end is heavy.


These are the most important things you need to know as you start developing your 3D printer. The minimum budget you need to buy a 3D printer is $ 200. All other information is available online free of charge.

Remember, the main benefit of 3D printing technology is the ability to be customized.

Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printers allow you to easily adapt parts and functional prototypes to people and for different occasions.

In addition, 3D printing as an additive manufacturing technology is still in the early stages – and there is enormous scope as new innovations are constantly taking place.

Connecting to such mobile, ever-evolving technology as a business is both easy and beneficial. So what are you waiting for?

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